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Rollcorp has 25 years of experience with roll covering, grinding and finishing services

Product Guide

We understand how rubber rolls play a major part of your manufacturing process. Rollcorp offers solutions – Recovering, grinding, and finishing of your rubber rolls. Whether it is pulling the product, imparting a finish or laminating 2 substrates, critical finishes, quality and consistency play a major role.

Cast Silicone

Cast Silicone – We specialize in cast and extruded silicone and

High Temp 475 – 500F, Good Release, Finishes 6 Ra – 25 Ra

We offer many different formulas and durometers from Straight Silicone for laminating application to Matte and Glossy Roll for casting Films.  Smooth High finish silicone gloss rolls 6-8Ra Ground

Film Extrusion

65 Duro           20 Ra   White Silicone / Added Release

87 Duro           20 Ra   White Silicone/ No added Release

60 Duro           12 Ra   Smooth / Red Oxide / With release

70-75 Duro     12 Ra   Smooth / White / With Release

Large Capacity Casting and grinding

A selection of Molds and Tolling that can fit your Cylinders

Larger Oven Capacity for curing                   

Matte Silicone Finish

Matte Finish – 75 Ra with added release Matte finished silicone design with a matte finish to between fine matte 30-50 Ra with added release for TPU’s with film grade ground finishes. Rough Mattes 250 – 600 Ra

Thin Films & Sheet – sticky soft polymers

  • Urethanes
  • TPU’s
  • Acrylics
  • Polycarbonate
  • Soft Polymers

-Providing Years of experience with High Temp 475

-High Pressure 400 PLI

-Cast silicone offers great bonding for high loading applications to deliver a high-performance cover with extreme durability heat resistance.

70 Duro               21 – 26 Ra          Matte / Red

85 Duro               20 Ra                  No Grit / Orange Oxcide High Temp

50-55 Duro         60-70 Ra             Matte / Red / Added Release

60-65 Duro         26-35 Ra             Matte White

70 Duro               35-40 Ra             Matte White

35-45 Duro         60-70 Ra             Matte / Red / Added Release

75 Duro               50-60 Ra             Grey Matte Silicone Added Release

• Uniform Cast Matte finishes: 30 Ra – 350 – 500 Ra or as desired matte surfaces

• Engraved Silicone and Rubbers Logo Patterns – Wide range & Artwork is required

Glossy Roll

Our unique process allows us to offer a smooth surface finish with no grinding or finishing lines.

Optical films – Film and Sheet Extrusion Rolls – Pure Cast Silicone with a Mirror Glossy Roll (2 Ra no grind lines) designed for thin films and sheet.

Thin Clear Films no finishing marks

Polyurethane Rollers

Cast Polyurethane – Pure Cast Polyurethane is a durable chemical resistant product for several application including:

  • High Precision Backing Rollers to coaters
  • Polyurethane covered Sleeve Systems
  • Pull Rollers
  • Draw Rollers
  • Cut Rollers

Polyurethane – offers durable finish which are pit free and can be super finished, crowned and ground or grooved. Grinding down to 0.0005 TIR & STR

Sleeve Mandrel Systems & Hollow Core Systems – Converting Industries often have Tapered Mandrels & sleeve systems for recovering and Re-Grinding – ask about our service mandrel program

Sleeves are more cost effective when you need frequent roll changes. Our systems allow quick and easy change out for job setups and runs.

Super Finished Polyurethane

10 x Loop
Ground Finish from 20-25 and can be polished and super finished down to 6-8 Ra

Polyurethane Properties

Abrasion Resistant – Hard waring Polyurethane – Out-performs Rubber, Pull Roller, Transfer rollers, Idle Roll and conveyer rollers, keep your product moving. 

Impact Resistance – High Tensile Strength 500-6000 PSI – Low Coefficient of Friction – Excellent Load bearing Capability

Best for Cut Resistances – no material is cut resistant, but we do offer compound that is self-healing and doesn’t allow dirt and debris in like regular rubber to separate and pull apart – works well in knife applications. 

Chemical Resistant – Polyurethane, Ester Urethane and Ether Urethane – tell us what chemicals the rolls are coming in contact with and we can offer solutions and samples.

See Teflon Sleeve for Best Chemical Resistance

Ask About our Anti-static Polyurethane

Teflon Sleeves

Teflon Sleeves – In house application chemically bonded and shrunk fit – secondary finishing include grinding, super finishing and Matte Finishing. Excellent for the converting industries and film extrusion.

Exceptional Release – Offers the best release both is as applied and ground finishes

Excellent Chemical resistant – Backing roller in coating applications

Thickness offered 0.020” Thick or 0.060” Thick – these can be bonded to a clean Steel Roll or Rubber covered rollers for Laminating application.

As Applied
Ground 18-20
Super finished – 6-8 Ra
Matte finished 200- 400 Ra

Foam Roller

Urethane Dual Durometer Paster /
Lay On Roll

These Foam Rollers have been used in the paper Industries for many years.  The paper converting and film industry have adopted these rollers to better help start new rolls materials on the turret winders. It’s soft touch and durable design reduces web breaks and makes splicing of coated paper and films easier.

By decreasing web breaks and increasing run time watch productivity jump. It’s something my customers have really found an easy way to fix a problem area.
Picture of a Foam Roll with
Outer Urethane Skin

Extruded Rubber – EPDM, Hypolan, Buna and Natural rubbers

We offer 100’s of extruded compounds with different variations Anti-Static, Conductive, can recommend specification Rubber for an application for wear, heat, release and Chemical resistance. 

Please ask about our chemical chart – we will can send you your own copy which will help narrow down specific compounds.  

Mandrels & sleeve systems – Air Sleeves are a big part of our business. We offer 2-3 day turn around with regrinds and with a service mandrel we can quickly apply new rubber covering.  

Grooving and Grinding

Rubber roll Balancing – in house dynamic balancing

„**Priority Regrind Service: In need of frequent regrinds with a turn time of 24-48 hours or less? Inquire about our services because we understand that production is important to you. We strive to keep you running and rolling.

Ask if we can pick up your roll today on our new truck


Small Roller Division –
Small Rollers and Parts

Recovering and replacement rolls and parts are processed separately in our small roll division which offers smaller molds, castings, custom recovering and grinding. Send us a part and we can duplicate it. We will fabricate steel core complete covering. Contact us today.