Rollcorp New Roll Fabrications & Engineering


Rollcorp is an engineering and manufacturing firm that specializes in mechanical engineering of heat transfer and single shell rolls for precision machinery and web handling in the plastic film and converting industries.  We offer 25 plus years of roll manufacturing experience for all types of industries including the higher more complex double shell spiraled baffled chill and hot oil rolls (DSSB ROLLS).

Joe Martins, our roll engineer comes to us from Fairview Machine/Magnat Fairview with 24 years of roll engineering experience. Joe Martins is also a certified roll repair engineer and has repaired rolls of all types for many various industries from paper mill rolls to large film extrusion and coating lines. No challenge is too small or too large.


1. Single Shell Roll / Rubber Roll Cores

Rollcorp provides years of working in the field of rolls design in the plastic and converting industries. Our experience in process applications Reverse roll coating, plastic extrusion, embossing plastic film and sheet. Working closely with our clients we can ensures a good understanding of the application and functional requirements of your rollers.

Rough machined and ready for turning prior to rubber covering

2. Cooling Rolls and Hot Oil Rolls

Single Shell Cooling & Heating Rolls

With a simple design we can provide an open shell design for cooling water or hot oil. 

Fluid going in and out of the roll can be described below.

Mono Flow design – Flow in and out Opposite ends – fluid goes from 1 end of the roll and out the other side.

Dual Flow Design – Flow in and out same end with a return tube. Fluid is sent in and returned through a siphon tube on the same end of the roll or shaft.

 Single or double shell design, open vessel and even placing an inner shell inside the main shell to direct the flow of water to the outside of the shell to pull out more heat or add heat more efficiently.

3. Double Shell Spiraled Baffled Design

Inner Assembly – By adding an inner assembly to the roll you can increase heating or cooling.   

Internal Double Spiral – Control fluid and increase flow rate with internal channels.  Removing Heat or Adding heat to the substrate, Rollcorp combines a broad range of design capabilities, experience and with its advanced in-house analysis capabilities to deliver functional designs. 


We design and engineer rolls to your specific application and offer design options to best meet your needs.These designs are utilized to manufacture the roll, be cost-conscious, and minimize the product development turn-around time.

Removing Heat or Adding heat to the substrate Rollcorp combines its broad design capabilities and experience with its advanced in-house analysis capabilities to deliver functional designs that are manufactural, cost-conscious, and minimize the product development turn-around time.

Boring of the inner Shell – By making the inner shell uniform it creates better and more even heat transfer.


Turning of the Spiral

Shrink Fit Assembly – By combining the bored outer shell to the precision machined inner assembly and shrink fitting them together creating a uniform solid roll for high PLI less deflection and better heat transfer.


Our manufacturing and design services provide years of engineering assistance to help select the correct materials, shell thickness, journal materials and coating or covering for the finish product.

That is where Rollcorp can help.

Rollcorp we can review your application together and design and generate engineering prints, for your final review: Roll Design – Tube choice – Wall thickness – and combined these ingredients for final turning grinding and finishing. All prior to fabrication.

Roll design and manufacturing From small lab line cooling rolls to 96 x169 Double shelled heat transfers rolls detailed design engineering plays a critical role in balancing the functional requirements with simultaneous manufacturing, cost.

Heat Transfer Double Shell Chill Rolls

5. Mild Steel Hard Steel
Shell can be Hardened 48-55 RC

Stainless Steel Weld Overlay


Case Flame Hardening


Assembly Is Turned and Ground


Rollcorp provides years of working in the field on rollers that are designed for plastic, paper, and converting industries. Our experience in process application allows us to help you in coating with applicators rolls, metering rolls and engraved rollers. Rollcorp can help your solution in extruding your thick sheet .250, .500 to .750.  We can show you how to increase line speed, post emboss supply both the cores and engraved finishes on these rolls. We also work with thin plastic sheet and film and a broad spectrum of industries. Working closely with the client ensures a good understanding of the product specifications and functional requirements. We work with your manufacturing facility to get the best solution at the lowest cost with maximum quality and efficiently.

Rollcorp provides a host of professional engineering services and manufacturing services designed to meet a wide range of industry needs.

Rollcorp has worked with many contract manufacturing companies to lend direct engineering assistance to our clients/OEMS in designing rollers for new machinery, while also meeting delivery and cost requirements.

Adding heat through electrical and oil heated rollers