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Cast Silicone and Urethane, SCT offers 25 years of roll manufacturing and covering experience with manufacturing high quality large rubber, cast silicone and Urethane rolls.

Industries served: Plastics Extrusion, Extrusion coating, High Temp Laminating, specializing in Cast Silicone and Urethanes.  Rubber Compounds – EPDM available with anti-static properties Hypalon, Nitrile, Viton, Neoprene 6”x60”

We understand how rubber rolls play an intricate part of your manufacturing lines. Offering solutions to critical finishes for your products in all types of rubber, silicone, and urethanes to your strictest tolerances.

Small Roller Division – Small Rollers and Parts

Recovering and replacement rolls and parts are processed separately in our small roll division which offers smaller molds, castings, custom recovering and grinding. Send us a part in and we can duplicate it. Contact us today will fabricate steel core complete covering.

Optical films – Film and Sheet Extrusion Rolls – Pure Cast Silicone with a Mirror Glossy Roll (2 Ra no grind lines) designed for thin films and sheet.

Glossy Roll

Smooth High finish silicone gloss rolls 6-8Ra Ground

Matte finished silicone design with a matte finish to between fine matte 30-50 Ra with added release for TPU’s with film grade ground finishes. Rough Mattes 250 – 600 Ra

Matte Finish – 75 Ra with added release

High release option for Silicone rolls

Comprehensive analysis to match your needs and finish.

SCT offers many compounds for industrial rubber rollers. We understand how to utilize a compound for your specific process. Allow us to help you dial in your rubber rolls for process and longevity.

Coating & Converting

Teflon sleeves – Coating and Backing rolls

Sleeve & Hollow Core Systems –

Mandrels & sleeve systems – Sleeves are more cost effective when you need frequent roll changes. Our systems allow quick and easy change out for job setups and runs. Sleeves are more cost effective when you need frequent roll changes. Our systems allow quick and easy change out for job setups and runs.

Foam Urethane – design for press rollers and the winder section to remove air and wrinkles.

Additional Services:

• Chemical analysis for proper compound for your process.

Custom Grooving, Spreader pattern

• Journal repairs

Rubber roll Balancing – in house dynamic balancing

**Priority Regrind Service: In need of frequent regrinds with a turn time of 24-48 hours or less? Inquire about our services because we understand that production is important to you. We strive to keep you running and rolling.„

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Chemical Chart: